Trevignano Romano

A small town north of Rome

Trevignano Romano is a small town and comune near Rome. It has a population of about 5,000. Trevignano is on Lake Bracciano. It is about 47 km away from Rome.

Our village is a quiet and picturesque haven. It’s a popular spot for Romans looking for a tranquil Sunday lunch, with a variety of quality restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences.

The village beach is a peaceful place to unwind, with sunbeds available and a selection of casual bars and restaurants. The lake’s water, which is sourced from a nearby volcano, is clean and fresh as it also serves as a water reserve for Rome.

For those interested in water activities, options such as sailing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), and various other water sports are available. If you prefer a relaxed stroll, our scenic beach walk, dotted with cafes and restaurants, might be just right for you.

The village’s historic town centre carries an old-world charm, waiting to be explored. With only a few hotels, the atmosphere remains undisturbed and serene. Additional amenities include a tennis court and a bike rental service for active visitors.

The residents of the village are known for their warmth and friendliness. Their hospitality contributes to the overall inviting and pleasant atmosphere of this tucked-away treasure.